Disaster Relief – LaPlace LA

Project Description

After Hurricane Isaac hit the Louisiana coastline volunteers with SGSO responded to LaPlace, Louisiana to help in the cleanup and assist families in getting their homes back into livable condition. Two one week trips were made to LaPlace. The destruction, as the photos show, was widespread as hundreds of homes were flooded. Families had to pile all of their earthly goods on the front lawn to be hauled away as trash. They are literally starting over. It was difficult to see children’s toys, all of their clothing and furniture piled in stacks up to the ceiling of the home. Many did not have insurance and were not financially able to purchase the materials needed to rebuild the home.

I’d like to share two stories with you that illustrate the gratitude of the families we were able to assist:

In the middle of the night, a six year old boy had to leave his home with his mother and his grandfather. The flood waters rose two feet before they could grab some clothing and rush to safety. They stayed with family members until SGSO volunteers insulated, sheet rocked and tape and bedded the home. The six year old walked through the home and was overheard telling his mother that Jesus had fixed his home.

Another gentleman was in a lawn chair as SGSO volunteers pulled up to his home. He saw the Serving God by Serving Others signs on our vehicles and said as we walked up, “I just got through praying that God would send me angels to strengthen me, because I just can’t do any more. I believe you are God’s answer to my prayers. Thank you for allowing Him to use you.”

May the Lord continue to bless the efforts of SGSO to His glory.

Jim Burrow

Ten SGSO volunteers departing Dallas, TX, to help restore homes after they were flooded during Hurricane Isaac in November, 2012.

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