Utilization of Funds

Our operating costs are less than 10%!

In 2016 93% of all contributions went to victims of tragedy.

Disaster Relief – is the main focus for the funds

  • Transportation Cost – Truck rental, gasoline and other travel expenses needed to move equipment and supplies to the disaster site
  • Team Leaders and Worker Costs – Housing, food and transportation cost of Volunteer personnel
  • Materials to seal homes – to include roofing tarps, plywood, nails, etc.
  • Sundry / Sustainable items – Medications, food, water, toiletry and infant care items
  • Outside Contractors – to obtain an expertise that Volunteers are lacking

Individual Special Needs – is a secondary focus for the funds

  • Special Individual Needs will be considered on a case by case basis
  • Assistance may be provided  for localized disasters (i.e. apartment fires, flooding, etc)

Advertising, Administration and Office expense – designed to manage and promote SGSO

  • Brochures, Caps, Shirts, Magnetic Truck Signs, etc.
  • Salaries
  • General Office Supplies

Supplies / Equipment

  • A Warehouse has been secured to store supplies and equipment
  • Truck Leasing has been contractually arranged for transportation
  • Equipment such as generators, chainsaws, ladders and various tools are readily available
  • General Supplies (i.e., water, cleaning, canned food, etc.) have been bought and stored

Your contribution is a necessity to our good works assisting afflicted people and communities.

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