Hurricane Florence And Michael

The U.S. has been hit by two major hurricanes during in the last several months; resulting in an abundance of opportunities for Serving God by Serving Others, Inc. (“SGSO”).

Hurricane Florence hit the Carolina’s and dumped more than thirty inches of rain resulting in catastrophic flooding. Thirteen lives were lost and tens of thousands lost their homes and all their possessions. With no electricity for weeks, SGSO responded by sending 26 generators to church’s along with other supplies to the areas around Willington, NC.

While cleanup was still in progress in North and South Carolina, the coast of Florida was being pounded by Hurricane Michael, a category 5 hurricane. In the storm’s wake lay crushed and flooded buildings and homes, shattered lives, and at least 35 dead.

If you envisioned a little rain and some wind rolled through Florida, you’re wrong. If you think turning power back on everything is fine, you’re wrong. If you’ve seen pictures and think you know what it feels like to live it, because you’ve seen a hurricane before, you’re wrong.

Michael was not just any hurricane. It was the third strongest hurricane to hit the U.S. in recorded history.  If you are seeing the national news about Panama City and Mexico Beach; know that Jackson and Calhoun Counties were hit just as hard. Folks are living under curfews and with generators, gas cans, and rationed gasoline, if you can find it.
Again, SGSO responded by picking up 18 generators used in North Carolina and a truckload of items from Costco and headed to East Point, Florida. Since then three truckloads of supplies have been delivered to this area. Recovery will be slow, and we ask that prayers be lifted up for those families in need of housing, jobs, food and strength. Many walk the beaches with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Every day is filled with sounds of chainsaws, diesel trucks, helicopters, sirens, and generators. Debris piles are taller than the homes still standing. One lane roads and downed power lines are everywhere. SGSO was the first Disaster Relief Group to come to the aid of East Point, Florida followed by Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort, Inc out of Nashville, TN., which showed up with an eighteen-wheeler full of life sustaining supplies.

It is difficult to grasp the amount of devastation and heartache these people have endured. We will continue to aid our neighbors to the east and elsewhere with your help. May the Lord bless you for your support of SGSO.

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